CascadeSkier for Windows Vista and Windows 7

Enjoy CascadeSkier right on your desktop with Windows Gadgets! The desktop version includes many of the same features as the Windows Phone version. Hover over the gadget to bring up the settings icon (it looks like a wrench.) Click that to choose which resorts to display and how often you want to cycle to a new webcam image. Back on the main gadget display, the resort highlighted in white corresponds to the webcam image currently being displayed. The gadget will automatically cycle through all the webcam images for each resort. Along the bottom of the gadget is a single line of current news. Click on that dark blue area to open a web browser with more information.

Microsoft has retired the Windows Sidebar Gadget Gallery, but before that happened, this gadget had over 5000 downloads! You can still get access to this gadget by following the instructions on the right side of this page.

On November 27, 2014, version 4.2 was published. This is required update. Older versions will stop working in the coming weeks. You can download the latest version below.